QodeMed is a web application that allows customers to sign up for an annual membership to the site with recurring billing and then create an emergency response medical profile. The customer is then provided with a QR Code that a medical professional can scan with a mobile device to see the customer’s emergency medical information in a mobile interface. The mobile profile is only valid for 15 minutes to prevent bookmarking or other malicious use. The QR Code can also be deactivated remotely at any time. The web application utilizes the following tools and technologies:

  • WordPress
  • Google Chart API
  • QR Code
  • Public and private key security scheme
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Mobile Device optimization
  • Shopping Cart (Premium Web Cart)
  • Merchant Account Integration (Wishlist Member)
  • Affiliate system for running Fundraising campaign
  • Subscription and member protected content system
  • User Profiles (Profile Builder Pro)