Trestian TotalProtect is a website maintenance and security solution for keeping your website up to date and safe from hackers and malicious users.  It provides your business with peace of mind, knowing that your site is safe, secure, and utilizing the latest features available. It is included standard with any monthly plan, and can be added to any one-time web development project as well.

Trestian TotalProtect provides the following services:

  • Weekly Site Backups: we back up your site to the Amazon Cloud every week.
  • Upgrade WordPress: whenever a new version of WordPress is released, we wait 48 hours to ensure it is safe, backup your site, install the new version and then test to ensure the site works properly.  This is critical to ensure your site is safe from security holes that these updates patch.
  • Update WordPress Plugins: whenever a plugin that you are using releases an update, we check the release notes to ensure the upgrade is necessary, backup your site, and then perform an upgrade.
  • Daily Antivirus Scans: we scan your website daily for unauthorized code changes.
  • Monitor Downtime: we check your website every 5 minutes to ensure that it is up and running properly.  If it’s down, we alert you immediately so that you can contact your web host.
  • Internal Broken Link Detection: we scan your website every 72 hours to detect any broken links and then correct those that we find.  This prevents your site from being penalized by search engines as well as from having a poor user experience.
  • External Broken Link Detection: Anytime an external website links to a page on your site that does not exist, we are notified immediately and then add code to capture that traffic and automatically redirect it to the most appropriate content available.

Trestian Commitment to Quality

At Trestian, we recognize that your website is the face of your business on the Internet.  We also recognize the importance of keeping that website safe and having a partner you can trust in the online arena.  We bring our years of experience and industry know how to all of our clients and will work with you to provide unparalleled service and support.  Should you have any questions regarding Trestian TotalProtect, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to doing business with you soon!