The Trestian Triumph package is a complete, end-to-end solution for developing, managing, and promoting your company’s online presence.  It enables your business to grow through the strategic utilization of technology.  It is our goal at Trestian to build a lasting partnership with our clients so that you can share the benefits of our digital design, web development, marketing and online strategy expertise.

The Trestian Triumph packages provides services in the following areas:

  • Website Development, building you a new, mobile friendly, website using the latest tools and technologies.  We provide you with five pre-made, premium WordPress themes to choose from.
  • Content Creation, populating your website with quality sales copy, photography, and videos.
  • Online Marketing, boosting your site’s traffic through search engine optimization, online advertising, directory submissions, integration with social media and more
  • Conversion Optimization, tracking and enhancing the user experience in order to convert visitors to your site into clients
  • Offline Marketing Integration, tying your offline and print marketing efforts into your online strategy through targeted landing pages, QR codes and performance tracking.
  • Reporting and Support, providing you with regular metrics on your business’ online performance through monthly reports and conference calls as well as top notch email and phone support
  • Optional Custom Design, providing you with the option to purchase a custom, high impact digital design that is unique to your brand and business.
  • Optional Website Hosting, providing you with the option to host your website on Trestian’s Virtual Private Server with our own personalized support.

We encourage you to learn more about the ways Trestian keeps your site healthy and your marketing campaign strong at  the Trestian TrafficSurge Glossary page.

At Trestian we realize that one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to running a business and so we custom tailor the Trestian Triumph package to meet your specific needs.  There are no cookie cutter solutions here!  For even more granular control of your online strategy we have broken out the Trestian Triumph Package into three levels for you to choose from.


Trestian Triumph Online Empire Builder

Service Levels

The Trestian Triumph features are outlined and divided into three proposed service levels below.  These service levels are not set in stone, however, and we can work with you to put together a custom solution that fits your needs exactly.  We can also go over each feature in detail with you over the phone or in person to ensure you understand our offerings.

Trestian Grid

Trestian Triumph Add Ons

Optional Components

The following add ons can be added to any Trestian Triumph Package for an additional cost.

Trestian Design Alteration
After working with you to select a pre-made WordPress theme, our talented team of designers will modify the theme to make it unique.  Adding elements such as rounded corners and shadows and changing elements such as font, margins, widths, and heights will help distinguish your website from others using the same the theme.

Trestian Design Bespoke
If you would prefer to have a website that is unlike any other on the Internet, you can enlist the custom design services of Trestian’s Creative Director, Ilan Judes.  Ilan has 15 years of experience in high impact digital design creating unparalleled user experiences.  He will work with you to create a design that is entirely unique, engaging and eye catching.  Once completed, our team of developers will convert this design into a fully functional WordPress theme that only you will have.  You can view Ilan’s portfolio at

Trestian Web Hosting
Trestian offers our clients premium web hosting on our virtual private server running the latest version of Apache and fine tuned for WordPress.  By hosting your website on our own server we can provide you with you top notch, personalized support and complete, end-to-end site monitoring.  We provide you with a custom control panel where you can manage your hosting account as well as FTP access and unlimited email addresses.  We also understand the importance of flexibility and, should you later decide to host your website elsewhere, we will assist you in migrating your website to the new server.


Trestian Commitment to Quality

Premium Online Strategy

At Trestian, we recognize that your website is the face of your business on the Internet.  We also recognize the importance of a unified online strategy, making your website a valuable asset to your business, and, most of all, having a partner you can trust in the online arena.  We bring our years of experience and industry know how to all of our clients and will work with you to provide unparalleled service and support.  Should you have any questions regarding this proposal or any elements of the Trestian Triumph Online Empire Builder package, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to doing business with you soon!